Design & Engineering is built on an understanding that disciplinary, cultural and intellectual diversity combined with creative and open mindset drives successful innovation. Design & Engineering is combining education and innovation into an enabling platform which at one hand collaborates with industry and government partners to search new ways out from the modern complex challenges and on the other hand, engages students with new and unique experiences out of their comfort zones in order to create innovation and new thinking.

Design & Engineering is a cross-disciplinary programme merging the competences and skills of technology and design. We are offering a T-shaped profile of education where students train their abilities to collaborate creatively across different fields and disciplines. This design-led creative process is built on students personal educational background, enhancing their existing skills and knowledge and growing them to be virtuous team players able to attack any complex issues, seeking for opportunities and developing value-creating concepts.

“Good design is a renaissance attitude that combines technology, cognitive science, human need, and beauty to produce something that the world didn’t know it was missing.”—Paola Antonelli, senior curator of the Museum of Modern Art


The curriculum draws from three fields: design, engineering and entrepreneurship. During their studies students learn how to work as members of multidisciplinary creative teams, how to mix and match their skills with people who have a very different understanding of the task at hand, how to bind together the findings, pinpoint the opportunities, create clear concepts and communicate these to industry partners. Students practice leading creative teams, learn how to run user-centered research, develop innovative concepts and communicate results in a tight timeframe with limited resources. Students learn how to use and mix methods from different fields of study and how to make coherent projects in a team with widely scattered skillsets.


As we seek students with very different backgrounds, they will also pursue various career paths. Students of engineering develop an understanding of the power of design skills so they may act as leaders of development, while students of design refine their skills and competence for running multidisciplinary creative teams. All students are taught to have an entrepreneurial mindset. Whatever our students go on to do, they are valuable team members even during difficult projects with fuzzy goals.


Taylan Acarsoy

Since graduating in 2015, Taylan Acarsoy has been working as a creative director in an agency in his home country of Turkey. He’s responsible for preparing visuals for cosmetic, medical and technology firms, including designing exhibition areas, stands and promotional materials.

“The design understanding of the northern European countries has always drawn my attention. In the Design and Engineering programme, you are in a foreign country with traditions and lifestyles that are completely different, while working on interesting projects with people from every corner of the world. The greatest benefit of the programme for me was this experience. I improved my social and cooperative skills with people, and studying abroad for your higher education is always a good credential for the private sector.”

Aap Piho

After graduation in 2013 Aap has been busy with building his own furniture company. With the enterpreneural spirit and lively attitude he is the heart and soul of the furniture brand Warm North

"I think the best and truest things in life begin with understanding. If you want to be successful on a practical (and also empirical) field of design, business or technology you have to start with empathy and understanding first. Because success is something you gain with the help of others - most importantly - the end users. To win the user’s sympathy and therefore become successful we have to provide them with something very enjoyable, convenient and meaningful. In essence, this is what they teach you at Design & Engineering. You learn to understand an extremely complex, cross-disciplinary, interlaced and collaborative world of design, business and technology. And you will also play it out and learn through the practice. Honestly, this is something you can only get from the very best schools on Earth and it has really helped me to start building my own business in Warm North"
photo: Tõnu Tunnel